Television Review: Halt and Catch Fire Season 3 (2016)

A television series that has not been mentioned in any awards show is Halt and Catch Fire. It was at least one of the top three shows last year. I have been a fan of this show since its wildly uneven yet provocative first season about the origins of the personal computer in Central Texas.

In this third season, the triumvirate of Cameron, Gordon, and Joe has been reunited in Silicon Valley despite the machinations of the other characters. Especially, I didn’t like that they let go of their Indian character Ray in the service of Joe’s personal growth. Though it was unfair for the series to knock these people off, it is true to the storytelling of this series which is perhaps the most true to everyday life I’ve seen: people rarely change; the professional is personal; a most curious, wondrous thing is the human relationship.

You can feel in Donna, Cameron’s once-friend and business partner, the simple thirst for fiscal success and the longing for a companion and forgiveness for herself. In Cameron’s moodiness and spontaneity, she has moments of clarity like when she states that “the future” is just a nothing that people sell you on. These characterizations and the working group scene at the end of Season 3, where they figure out and explain how the Internet will change the world, should be appreciated by more. Halt and Catch Fire is available on Netflix.

Television Review: 8.5/10: Through the lens of work and love, a discourse on the human relationship.

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