Movie Review: Arrival

I give Arrival credit for being different from the typical sequel or tent pole movie. I like that it spends much of its two hour run time following a linguist (Amy Adams) as she decodes an alien language. Also, its ending is unorthodox and mirrors its theme, the non-linearity of time. However, this movie tries a little too hard to be a sentimental about world affairs. Without much of a way of explanation for their other motives, it appears that the alien activity was meant to get the world together under a “United Nations.” While this idealism may have been touching at another time, right now it seems inadequate and a narrative troupe.

Many reviews cite that this movie was more about Amy Adams’ characters personal struggles and not about the aliens as a sort of virtue. The aliens are weird enough, but the narrative just doesn’t seem to have much interest in why they are there. Yes, the action is based on finding out their purpose, but we don’t know much about them. An alien narrative can be weird and help us learn more about ourselves. I had read Octavia Butler’s Dawn soon after watching Arrival. That book had the courage to posit and explain out a strange alien culture and use it to expose human frailties. While a well-acted movie, Arrival’s ideas (some of which ripped from Noein and other anime) need some more action or even time to breathe.

Movie Review: Arrival: 6.5/10: Amy Adams stars as an unconventional explorer of the unknown but the narrative does not astound as it should.

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